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Cedar Shingles PDF
Cedar Shingles
Main Uses

Western Red Cedar Shingles are used for domestic and commercial roofing and as a cladding for side walls and for the roofs of stables, summer houses Gazebos's etc.

They provide an environmentally friendly, durable and lightweight solution. Many of our Victorian Church Spires are clad with Western Red Cedar Shingles and are perfect because of their weather resistance in exposed situations.
Shingles can also be fixed at a roof pitch as low as 14 degrees offering the end user a reliable form of roof covering other than felt or lead.
Cedar Shingles
Cedar Shingles

Western Red Cedar

Shingles are used for vertical cladding & roofs, offer superb long term maintenance free performance. They have a life expectancy in excess of 40 years when treated with Tanalith 'E' preservative and when fitted in line with our recommendations.
Pre formed Hip + Ridge cappings are also available to compliment the roof design.
Western Red Cedar is classified as 'durable' it also offers Excellent natural insullation properties with a value of K= 0.1067 W/M degrees C.
Sustainability & Certification
Cedar is the ultimate green building material being truly sustainable and renewable.
Being supplied from managed, responsible sources, shingles tend to be the by - product once the logs have been sawn into usable lengths. They are generally produced from material remaining after logs have been processed by commercial mills.
PEFC Certified shingles are also available when full chain of custody is required. Please advise at time of your enquiry or order if this is required.
The Canadians have a policy to re-plant three trees for every one harvested within one year and to the exact species ratio of the trees that were harvested.
Cedar Shingles
Cedar Shingles
The Timber
The timber: Thuja Plicata commonly known as Western Red Cedar is a species of Thuja, an evergreen coniferous tree in the cypress family. The western red cedar is a large tree, ranging between 40 to 1500 feet (12 to 45 meters) tall and up to 22 feet (7 meters) in trunk diameter.
Trees growing in the open will exhibit a crown that reaches the ground, whereas trees densely spaced together will only exhibit a crown at the top, where light can reach the leaves. Some individuals can live nearly a thousand years, if not more. Certain specimens on Queen Charlotte islands are around nine hundred years old.
Drying: Kiln dried will be between 13% and 19% moisture centent. Shingles would only normally be kiln dried if they were going to be coated. Western Red Cedar has a low co-eficiency of expansion and is therefore stable for a paint or stain finish.
The official classification of Western Red Cedar is "Medium-Low".
Work Qualities
Working properties: Western Red Cedar, being a softwood and long grained, can be easily sawn and planed with standard hand tools. This makes it easy to use for site work. Western Red Cedar can be factory machined to almost any profile. We recommend the use of Stainless Steel nails to fix the shingles as these will not be effected by the tannin which occurs naturally in western red cedar.
Durability - Durable
Treatability - Accepts stains/paints when kiln dried, also accepts preservative treatments.
Moisture Movement - Small
Recommended Fixings/Flashings - Stainless Steel / Non Ferrous Metals, Power Nailers should be avoided if at all possible. Specialist Stainless Steel nails are required (information on request) to fix the shingles as these will not be effected by the tannin.
Colours - Vary
Cedar Shingles
Grades Of Cedar Shingles
Blue Label Available - Untreated / Tanalith 'E' Treated
Standard Shingles (random width 75mm - 325mm) 405mm long x 10mm butt x 2mm tip
Blue Label shingles are 100% heartwood and edge grain so the grade will not allow for knots or sapwood, and can be used on all roof and vertical applications.
Information on Blue Label Usage Only
Cedar Shingles
Black Label Available - Untreated
Perfection Shingles (random width 75mm and wider) 457mm long x 11mm butt x 3mm tip
Black Label shingles do allow a small amount of tight secure knots and occasional knot holes but to the top third of the shingle so none are visible when fixed. These can be used for all vertical situations and on roofing for garden buildings or stables.
Information on Black Label Usage Only
Cedar Shingles
Other Products
Blue Label Perfections 457mm long x 11mm butt x 3mm tip - Available against specific order
Royals 600mm x 13mm butt x 3mm tip - Available against specific order
Fancy Butts to special order to include square, round, arrow, diamond, half-cove, fishscale and octagonal. These profiles are mainly used for side walls.
Click on the video below to view a sample
from our Installation Guide for Cedar Shingles

Cedar Shingles video
Click on the video below to view an
introduction to Black Label Cedar Shingles

Black Label Cedar Shingles video
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Sizes are accurate when timber is machined. Timber will move during different climatic changes for which we have no control over whatsoever. We reserve the right to amend profile dimensions without notice. Please check current dimensions with our sales office if you are matching up profiles that have been supplied in the past.

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